About Us

Sarah Mick

Sarah is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. Most recently, she was the Senior Designer for Conan O'Brien's Team Coco digital, and she has worked for clients such as Metalab, Yardsale, and Sony Music. She double majored in Graphic Design and Media Studies and has a certificate in Digital Arts & Culture. Sarah loves The Internet, cans of pop, cats, clowns, and fancy bottled water.

Maggie Tielker

Maggie is a creative marketer and graphic designer also living in L.A. She obtained her BFA in Digital Imaging, Visualization, Animation & Sound and has a certificate in Digital Arts & Culture. She is passionate about gender equality, animal rights, scary movies (and being generally thrilled), karaoke, scented candles, vodka sodas, and Michael Jackson dance parties.

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